Our Story

In 1875, Frederic and Otto Kampfe patented America's first safety razor. This invention promised "new and useful improvements to shaving razors." Straight razors were cumbersome and difficult to maintain. The Kampfe Star Razor revolutionized shaving. The safety guard design protected user and blade. Also, the razor provided an optimal shaving angle.

23 years later, Gem Cutlery Company introduced the Gem Safety Razor. The design was based on the original Kampfe Star Razor. The Gem Razor out-paced the Star, becoming the most popular razor worldwide.

At the turn of the century, the Gem Safety Razor company formed. Three years later, Gem merged with the Ever-Ready company. Personna American Safety Razor Company was born. in 1908, Personna opened an international subsidiary in England.

Throughout the 20th century, the product line grew. They introduced the Ever-Ready Shaving Brush. This luxurious product was top-of-the-line. The pure badger brush paired with a 24-karat gold-plated razor. These products, with five Ever-Ready blades, sold for the exorbitant price of $1.29.

In 1935, Personna American Safety Razor expanded the product line. They started manufacturing angled surgical blades. During WWII, Personna reduced blade production by 40%. This freed up 1,550 tons of steel annually for the war effort. Personna production equipment was patriotically repurposed. They manufactured 20mm shell casings, magazines, munitions, and airplane engine components.

At the war's end, production moved to "Razor Blade Lane." The new location, in Verona, Virginia, grew at an explosive rate. By 1955, Personna doubled annual profits. Innovation is a key to Personna's success. Resources were allocated to improving shaving technology.

In 1963, Personna introduced the first stainless steel blade. The entire line of products transitioned to this new advancement. Personna engineers continue to revolutionize shaving technology.

In the 60s, an array of new products became available. The Face Guard was the first guarded blade in the US. The Personna Injector was a tungsten steel blade. This material was more durable than any blade that preceded it. Also, the first disposable razor for women entered the market. This product featured a wire-wrapped blade.

In the 70s, further advancements improved shaving options. The double-sided disposable cartridge, twin-blade cartridge, and women's disposable shower cartridge were introduced. Personna also offered an entirely disposable single-blade razor. At the close of the 20th century, Personna extended its reach to Latin America and Asia.

Personna continues to lead the way in innovation. We are proud to continue to improve shaving technology. In the 21st century, the product line evolved for the modern shave. Comfort-grip, three-blade disposables, and five-blade razors all improved the consumer experience.

At Personna, we're proud of our legacy. For the last 135 years, we lead the way in wet shaving. We still produce the sharpest and most durable blades. We continue to manufacture in the USA.

We're committed to innovation and quality. We strive to deliver on the original promise in the spirit of the Kampfe brothers.

Our passion for the perfect shave is matched by our enthusiasm for service. Like our razors, we are flexible and responsive to your needs. We know that a good shave is an art form. Options allow you to find the perfect fit.

We offer hundreds of products worldwide and online. No matter what your needs, the right product is waiting for you. Our blades accommodate a variety of personal preferences.

The Guys Shaving Club calls us "the best double edge blades out there." Personna Shaving offers some of the highest-rated razors on Amazon and across the web.

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“First, the product was delivered fast and as I ordered; no qualms with that. It’s a bit overpowering to see a hundred blades at such a lower price! I shave twice a week, using the same blade at least three times before discarding. This means I will last with this pack three years-all for just about $20! It's mind-boggling. About the quality, the blades are pretty sharp and safe for my sensitive skin. Most other blades that I used either left me irritated or struggled to do the job. I believe Personna Stainless Steel is the best blade out there.”

"I've been using a Trac II razor since I started shaving 35 years ago. The name brand blades used to give a closer, smoother shave, and last longer than generic blades but that no longer seems to be the case. The generic blades are just as good. Lately, I haven't been able to find them in stores and I'm not paying $17 for a package of ten Gillette blades. When I saw these on Amazon I figured I couldn't go wrong - 100 blades for the price of 10. They arrived three days after I ordered them and are as good as anything I've found at the store. I will definitely order again."

When considering your next razor, ask yourself: "Who else would you trust with your face besides the people who have built an empire trying to protect it?"