Her First Shave: Tips for Beginners

Teen Shaving Guide


We all develop at a different pace. There’s no right or wrong age to start shaving. There’s also nothing wrong with body hair! It’s natural. Shaving is a personal choice. If you feel it’s time to begin shaving your legs, follow these simple tips for a flawless and comfortable shave.


Stay Calm


Women’s shaving razors are engineered to contour and provide a proper shave. It can be scary to move a blade over your skin. But, remember that women’s razors are designed at an angle and the pivoting head will move to follow the curves of your body.


Be Patient


Before you shave, spend a few minutes in the shower allowing the water and steam to soften the skin and open the pores. This will prepare your skin for shaving. Don’t dry shave or attempt to use shortcuts. Skin that isn’t prepared for shaving will quickly become irritated.


Shave Gently


You don’t need to press the razor down onto your skin. The blades are designed to capture hair below the skin’s surface. You’ll get a smooth look with a gentle swipe of the blade. There’s no need to be too aggressive.


girl shave


Use Fresh Blades


Change your razor cartridge once a week to prevent bacteria build up. Store your razor in a dry place between uses to prevent rust, bacterial growth, and other potential irritants from building up on your blade.




Shaving can dry out your skin. Use a shaving cream or gel while shaving. Afterward, moisturize your legs to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs.


Recommended Razor


For your first razor, we recommend the Women’s 5-Blade System Razor. The five blades are comfort-coated with ceramic for less friction and irritation. Personna’s unique moisture halo design keeps your skin hydrated and offers a smooth shave. This system comes with cartridges that can be easily changed for a fresh shave every time.






Enjoy your new shaving regimen! This is a rite of passage for all young women. Allow shaving to be a part of your self-care routine. Remember, shaving is a personal choice! Don’t feel pressured to conform to anyone’s norms. Do you and be yourself first.